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The wrong things to tell yourself when picking a gym...

(Yes, you read that right!) 

'I am looking for the cheapest price...'

You can buy a gym membership these days for as little as $10 per month. But haven't you ever heard of the expression' you get what you pay for'?! Sadly, we have all been there before but what we end up getting is an overcrowded gym, no customer service, and sub-par equipment. Buying for the price tag versus the investment is not the way to go when dealing with your health. 

'I hate commitments...'

In the same token, these gyms normally do not have a commitment factor, and that excites you, right? Well, the truth is- Rome was not built in a day. So committing to your health is more important than the fear of a contract. Accountability is key to achieving your results! On average, 67% of gym memberships go unused (even without a commitment). Let's change that statistic together.

'Why should I bother checking reviews...'

We live in a world where you have access to all the information right at your fingertips, so use it! Now, we are not saying by any means that this should be your deal breaker. But it does help with making decisions. Experiencing it yourself, or at least visiting the gym is useful too! 

'I don't need a trainer, I will figure it out myself...'

Sure, some might get away with finding their way around the gym. But if you are focused on getting results (and safely), then find a trainer to guide you through the best program, customized just for YOU.