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Wellness Coaching Program

Here's a sneak peak of your first few weeks.

Week 1:

  • Creating your personal mission statement
  • Identifying eating habits and limiting beliefs
  • Obtain Baseline body measurements
  • Build unique exercise program

Week 2:

  • Conduct a personal SWOT analysis
  • Discover quick, healthy meals to keep you fueled
  • Check in with me and discuss questions and concerns

Week 3:

  • What is your relationship with food Count calories and nutrient breakdown
  • Continue guided exercise program with video exercises​
  • Weight Management Tracking
  • 150 meal ideas
  • Shopping Lists
  • 12 weeks of mindset videos and reflections
  • Monthly personal development audits
  • Bi weekly calls and check ins
  • Access to video coaching
  • Exercise Programming
  • Thousands of exercise videos
  • 30 day journal writing prompts
  • Lifetime access to program resources


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