All-Fitness-Levels cardio and strength workout for your whole family. Our goal is to give you a challenging but collaborative workout, and to help make Park Slope more knowledgable about fitness and nutrition.

This is a great way to get out of the house for body-weight park workouts
(or if you’re more comfortable in your living room and want a virtual park background we can do that too).

Why Enroll my Kids.

Benefit 1

We break down nutrition and exercise habits at a young age. This is the ultimate goal of the program: To help make people, but more importantly our younger hustlers out there, knowledgable about what they’re putting in their body and how to maximize the nutrition they’re getting. Learning this at any age is beneficial but for a child it can be a great building block to a more healthy and positive lifestyle.

Benefit 2

The entire family will get a good workout, as we make individual adjustments based on your fitness level - all the way from mom muscles down to puppy paws. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable but challenged.

Benefit 3

The bragging rights. Because this is for the whole family, we expect there to be some friendly competition. At the end of every class, there will be time for a Challenge Of The Day be “thrown down” between the family. A kid can challenge his dad in a race, a wife can publicly beat her husband in pushups, a sister can even take on her big brother in a thumb war! Competition and fun that can be brought up by the winners for years to come.


Classes will be held virtually or in the park. We want you and your family to be comfortable, if that’s out of the house or through a computer we will make it work!

Twice per week. Dates and Times TBD.

Grandparents and parents all the way down to 10 years old! Remember it’s a 45 minute class – if they’re up for the challenge so are we!

No equipment is necessary, we will be working with all bodyweight exercises. However, if you want to bring something light with you to the park or some detergent or a cat at home please feel free. Adjustments are personal as needed!

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