Are you ready to lose weight sustainably
...and keep it off!?


At Strength Rewired, our welcoming approach & unique training methods put our clients at ease.  As a result, our clients become receptive to a stronger and more confident life.

Our clients no longer struggle with a lack of confidence and knowledge towards effective exercise and weight loss.

What Our Clients Say..

We Make Exercise Manageable

Have a specific goal in mind? Want to do your first pull up? Want to be a better runner? Want to walk up steps without getting out of breath? Together, we’ll focus on enjoyable activities that challenge your body while building strength.

Eating Should Never Be Restrictive

Fun fact: You don’t have to stop eating the foods you enjoy in order to get healthier. Build a positive relationship with food guilt free. Learn nutrition tips to stay energized throughout the day.

We Train Your Body & Mind

Habits are the way we change our identity. If we want to change who we are we must change what we do. Let’s Create a comprehensive plan to empower you.

This is how you create accountability and consistency.

Ongoing Coaching
& Live Feeback

Get live feedback on your program during our weekly calls. Strength Rewired has weekly Q & A sessions that are recorded and sent in the event you miss the calls.

Gain access to guest speakers, weekly health topics and a space to share weekly wins!

Why work with Sammie?

Sammie has been coaching women towards healthier lifestyles for over a decade.

She understands what it’s like to feel the expectation of balancing a family, work and a healthy lifestyle flawlessly because “that’s what women do. Sammie has committed her work to helping moms, female entrepreneurs and leaders through the ultimate test of leading themselves.

To read more about Sammie check out her Linkedin Page here.

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