Platinum Wellness Coaching

It’s time to lead the person you’ve been neglecting.

  • Gain Your Confidence back!
  • Gain back that energy you've been lacking
  • Live a Happier Life!

Use this program as a way to reset to living a healthy, mindful and happy life. Place yourself in the center of your world in order to give the world all it deserves from you.

Prioritize Movement

Focus on activities that challenge your body. Build strength with intention in a way you have never done before.​

Nourish Your Body

Receive a breakdown of your macro nutrients for peak performance. Create a strategic plan around food with your current work/life schedule.

Personal Development

Habits are the way we change our identity. If we want to change who we are we must change what we do. Create a comprehensive plan to empowering a better you.

Why work with Sammie?

Sammie has been coaching women towards healthier lifestyles for over a decade. She understands what it’s like as a women to feel the expectation of balancing a family, work and a healthy lifestyle flawlessly because “that’s what women do.” Sam has committed her work to helping moms, female entrepreneurs and leaders through the ultimate test of leading themselves. 

To read more about Sammie check out her Linkedin Page here.

Wellness Coaching Program

Here's a sneak peak of your first few weeks.

Week 1:

  • Creating your personal mission statement
  • Identifying eating habits and limiting beliefs
  • Obtain Baseline body measurements
  • Build unique exercise program

Week 2:

  • Conduct a personal SWOT analysis
  • Discover quick, healthy meals to keep you fueled
  • Check in with me and discuss questions and concerns

Week 3:

  • What is your relationship with food Count calories and nutrient breakdown
  • Continue guided exercise program with video exercises​
  • Weight Management Tracking
  • 150 meal ideas
  • Shopping Lists
  • 12 weeks of mindset videos and reflections
  • Monthly personal development audits
  • Bi weekly calls and check ins
  • Access to video coaching
  • Exercise Programming
  • Thousands of exercise videos
  • 30 day journal writing prompts
  • Lifetime access to program resources


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