Bored No More

My mother is a veracious reader having read hundreds of books. So many that she actually keeps a word document of all the books listed in alphabetical and numerical order. Recently she started putting a gold star sticker on the inside cover of the books that have been given to her so she knows that […]

Set Yourself Free

Lately my mind has been all over the place. I haven’t been able to process much of anything without having another thought pop in, taking me into a downward spiral ultimately leading me nowhere. Complacency kicks in. I become frustrated because the original thought or idea disappears as I entertain the others! What I end […]

Habit Shaping

If we know how to create a new habit then why is it that we fall off after just a few days of implementation? I believe that knowing is not enough. It’s just the beginning. Yes, we know that if we want to live longer we must eat healthy, exercise more often, and rid ourselves […]

How Does My Brain Work?

In our early years as homo sapiens sapiens life was simply a reaction. Run from the lion. Hunt the deer to feed your family. Have sex and produce many babies. It was as close to animal instincts as we could get. We lived the way animals do; in an immediate return environment. Animals operate with […]

Replacing WILL with WHY

Willpower is draining. Period. Needing to have the willpower to do something or stay away from something can be exhausting. So exhausting, in fact, that it’s that much easier to do things that don’t require any of it at all. However, the biggest issue here is not willpower but not understanding that willpower isn’t the […]